This week we will be implementing some new movements, warm-ups and cool downs. You will see that some of the programming will be slightly different but as we introduce these movements we want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and have some extra time.

Workout of the day:
Take 30 minutes to build to a 5RM.

In conjunction with this we will spend about 15 minutes dedicated to warming up and about 15 minutes teaching you how to cool down. Your Coaches have been the most guilty about this in the past, so we want to teach you and you can choose to do what you want with the information and your own personal time constraints in mind.


What Are You Training For?

This weekend I learned a lot and as you are starting to notice, some of this practice is going to be implemented at Riptide. One of the many important things that the seminar forced me to do is step outside of what I do day-to-day and ask myself, “what am I training for?” We absolutely kill ourselves here at Riptide, but why? For some people it is to get in shape. For others, it may be sport driven. But what happens after that?

We have talked about goals in the past, and we continue to talk with you as you come in to Riptide CrossFit and go through our On Ramp program. But now we want you to write it down and bring it to the Coach at the class that you normally attend. When you bring it in I want you to think about short term, long term aesthetics (if applicable), physical and mental goals. “To get in better shape” means nothing! To get in better shape to grow old with my children is better. Or get in better shape to try a triathlon next (fill in date here) is better. Make these good people;  pour your heart and thought into them and you will get more out of it.

Next, after you have written it you must bring it in! Feel free to leave them anonymous because we are going to take them and put them into a binder for others to look at. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed I found this weekend that the more honest you are about this, the more likely you will be to
a. stick to why you train and become goal oriented
b. inspire someone else!

Rob and I will read each one and give you feedback. Even if you give it to Rob, I will read it. And vice versa. We look forward to it, and it means a lot!


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