Reminder: Paleo Potluck Saturday night at Marie’s house. Directions are on the “upcoming events” board at the gym.

Part A:
4 Rounds not for time of:
10 Ring rows @31X0
10 Handstand Push Ups @31X0
10 Sit Ups @31X0 These are to be done straight legged with no ab mat

Part B:
2000m Row for time

What a day! I just wrapped up our evening class and was thinking on the way home so here it goes. (Warning! Mushy sentimental stuff coming up… )

We have only been open just over 2 months and the amount of community support has been amazing! Thank you all so much. Every class is starting to fill up and we have even added a 530am and a 11am because of it, so thank you! Also we have been averaging over 30 people through the gym everyday and that is amazing. With the success of our On Ramp program you are all making being a Coach a truly enjoyable experience and I know that I speak for Rob when I say, “thank you and you all rock!” We are quickly approaching 50 members and that growth is all because of you! We have been giving out 25% off memberships for referrals as a thank you, and we will always continue to do so as long as you bring people our way!

Thank you all!

A special shout out goes to Steve! Steve has brought us 3 new people this month and if he brings us one more this month, his next month will be free. Thank you Steve!!

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