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Thrusters (95#/65)

Logging workouts is something that we, as coaches, don’t emphasize nearly enough.  A huge aspect of CrossFit is that the gains are measurable.  What will be the driving factor for you to continue coming in and working hard if you don’t have a goal to push yourself towards.  It is great to look at the board and see what times and rounds other gym members are doing, but is that really how you need to be comparing yourself?

We have all of our lovely lady workouts (Cindy, Fran, Grace, etc) that we do once or twice each year.  What is your last Cindy score?  How did you scale it?  More importantly, next time it shows up, what are you shooting for?  The answer should not be “I don’t know”.  Nor (note great use of the word nor) should it be “I’m just going to beat C. Don” (good luck with that anyways).

Goals need to be specific and obtainable.  Maybe based on your last “Cindy” score you would shoot to get 1 more round, or use less bands on the pull-ups.  This cannot be done if you have no idea when you last did the workout and especially if you don’t know your last score.

But how do I do this?

I will discuss many resources and ways to go about this so you can begin tracking your progress based on my own previous experience.

  • WOD Journal
    • We have these bright green little books conveniently located by the front desk with our logo on it.  They cost $20 and are badass.  They have EVERY benchmark workout in it, empty pages for other workouts, weightlifting percentages, goal pages, body measurement pages, kiloàpound conversions, and pages to log your weightlifting numbers.
    • Buy one.  Buy a pen.  Buy a lock.  Lock your book and pen in a locker in the locker room so it is always at the gym, ya know, the place you do these workouts.
    • Negatives: spilling on the book and ruining it, flipping all over the place to find the workout, potentially losing the book and all information written in it, new benchmarks are not added to the book


  • I-Phone App
    • I have an I-Phone, it is easy, I don’t know about Droids or all that other nonsense.  So buy an I-Phone and buy the app called “WOD – Workout Logger for CrossFit” for $2.99.  This is cheaper and more convenient than the WOD Journal in my opinion.  You always have your phone, so there is no excuse to not log your workout.  It is very user friendly and saves all benchmarks and PRs on one page.
    • Your log backs itself up to your computer (or I-Cloud whatever that means) so if you lose your phone your data will be saved.  Updates to the app add new benchmarks and hero workouts as CrossFit creates new workouts.
    • Negatives: When friends look through your phone they will find your log and make fun of you.
  • Beyond the Whiteboard
    • This is a website in which you can compare your score on a gym, regional, or global scale.  Think about the one workout you absolutely crushed.  BTWB will show you what percentile you are at in the World if you want to know where you sit compared to everybody else (very humbling).
    • We have set up an account as a gym and you can join our gym FOR FREE.  We will put the workout into BTWB every day so all you have to do is go in and enter your score.  There are even graphs and shit, it’s very mathy and nerdy if you are into that kind of thing.  We even have a computer at the gym you are more than welcome to use to log your workout every day.
    • Negatives: It will make you feel like an awful CrossFitter, but this will also motivate you to do better and can help with more specific goals.  If you travel to somewhere else without a computer and happen to do a benchmark workout, you won’t know your previous score and that could bother you.  Its ok, it’s just exercising.

So why do this?

Someday you will be able to look at your workouts from 1, 2 or even more years before and be proud of what you have accomplished.  I know for me I can look back at the 550 workouts I have done since August 31, 2010 and laugh about my first 1RM front squat of 135# as well as my first  “Fran” which was an impressive 7:49 with a big fat band.\

From the man The Myth the Legend Ryan Woods @ D-Town CrossFit

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