Part A:
Take 12 minutes to build to a 5 Rep Max Shoulder Press

Part B:
In 10 minutes complete as many reps as possible of:
2 Burpees
2 Front Squats (185#/135)
4 Burpees
4 Front Squats
6 Burpees
6 Front Squats

Until the time runs out you will continue to increase by 2’s.

Nicole showing a strong position with her knees over her toes, and chest high doing her air squats in her first day of On Ramp!

This Tuesday we will be starting or next cycle of On Ramp. We offer these classes for a couple reasons and I just want to make sure that we are all on the same page.

We offer On Ramp because it is proven to work!

  1. We use a lot of movements in our classes here at Riptide CrossFit and we want to make sure that you are comfortable with all of them.
  2.  In On Ramp we take you through not only the movements, but we also describe what we eat, why we eat it and how to eat to achieve your goals.
  3. We use a progression program that will get you used to the intensity in CrossFit and it will allow you to grow into our program at a rate that is comfortable for you.
  4. We keep the classes small so that you are able to grow a relationship with your Coaches here at Riptide, and it allows our Coaches to know what bumps and bruises that you may have and how we can appropriately scale for you in the future.
  5. SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. Did I say safety? The only way that you can reach your physical goals (no matter what they are) is to stay healthy. And if you do things wrong, you will get hurt. We are not in the business of hurting people, we are in the business of getting them better.

Still not sold? Sorry. Try a program that doesn’t have one and call me when you want to pay $65/hr to have me help you redevelop movement patterns and put you back on track to meet your goals.

If you have a friend(s) that wants to start CrossFit we will be starting our next small group On Ramp this coming Tuesday at 8a or 4pm. It is 6 classes that are scheduled T, TH (8a and 4p) and Saturday (9am) that must be completed before entering our regular classes. Don’t wait, these classes are small and limited to 5 per class! (If this does not work for your schedule we have private On Ramp classes that can be scheduled between 0530-1900)

If you are a current member and want to know more about these classes please ask your Coach!

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