Don’t Be a Chalk Monster

Part A:
Spend 15 minutes establishing a 3 rep strict press max
Part B:
Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes complete:
5 Hang Power Snatch (115lb/85)
20 Double Unders
After almost 4 years of doing CrossFit and continually searching out what other gyms are saying I think I have read a post like this at least 100 times. So now you get to hear it too. There are a few things that make you go faster; heart, determination, mental fortitude, drugs and jet-packs. You may have noticed that chalk is not one of them. So many of us will go to the chalk bucket to chalk up when it is really just an excuse to take a break, so maybe chalk is slowing you down when you feel like that white powdery stuff is giving you a boost like Griselda Blanco’s finest (I am trying to sound like I have lived in South Florida all my life, how am I doing?).
What happens is when we are doing work that could use a little chalk, we see people that run to the bucket every time they have to touch a bar. Trust me when I tell you, it is not necessary. The use of chalk when our hands are wet (like this) is a time to use chalk, but if you already have chalk on your hands and you add more and more I promise that it will make you more susceptible to ripping not less. So here are a few good rules to chalk use:
  1. If the workout is looking like it is going to need chalk wait until it does. Start the workout without it, and as your hands start to get wet apply
  2. When you put chalk on your hands, keep them over the bucket. Unlike Lebron we don’t have 13 year old boys with brooms run over to sweep it up.
  3. If you have applied chalk to your hands, and you are in the middle of  a workout, keep your hands off of your knees. Your knees are sweaty and I thought the point of chalk was to go faster, so why are your hands on your knees anyway?
  4. Think of the bucket as a crutch. It will slow you down.

So after a workout, don’t let us find you in a dark basement afraid of the light.

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