Did You Say Homework?

I sure did, but this is really easy. Part of what CrossFit is that it is measurable. How do we measure? Write down your workouts in a notebook, binder or there are tons of cool apps out there that only costs a couple of bucks. So when you come in next time I expect to see pen and paper in hand so that you can see all of the progress that you are making!

Part A:
3 Rounds not for time of:

Strict Pull Ups 8-10 Reps
Rest 30 Seconds
Dumbell Push Press 8-10 Reps @21X0 (what does this mean?)
Rest 30 Seconds
Toes To Bar 8-10 Reps
Rest 30 Seconds

Part B:
EMOTM for 12 minutes complete:
5 Deadlift
15 Push-ups

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