This week we had some awesome things happen at the gym that motivated me and if you look at the video it also motivated Audra. Audra has been using a CrossFit style training methodology for over 3 years and has yet to achieve a muscle up. But after watching the progression at the 6pm (my favorite class of the day, but don’t tell anyone) class on Wed and watching Steve get his first Muscle up (big shout out and congrats!) she came in the next day and decided that she would give it another try. Without thinking, BOOM she was up there. So no more famous people speaking, no more videos no more quotes.

The motivation is up to you and those around you. We train in a group environment for a few different reasons but one of them is because when others are working hard around you, it makes you want to try that much harder. It is a healthy form of competition but more importantly it is a way to watch people grow and make strives for yourself.

Let’s all take a look inside and set some goals that will motivate us to get better! The importance of self motivation is what drives success, and now the calling is on you and you alone.

Keep up the great work you have all forced me to look at my goals and helped breath some new life into my training regimen.


10 Lunge Steps Each Leg
10 Box Jumps (30/24)

10 Sit-ups

9 Lunge Steps Each Leg
9 Box Jumps (30/24)

9 Sit-ups

1 Lunge Steps Each Leg
1 Box Jumps (30/24)

1 Sit-ups

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