Just East Real Food

You will hear it from me and you will hear from any other Coach that we bring in here, I promise (we will only hire someone who truly believes this!). I am borrowing this concept and saying thanks to Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness for spreading the word on this concept. He amongst a huge community of people that are living this way, and we encouraging you too as well.

What does this mean to you?
First we start with a few of the concepts that are taken from the original thoughts behind the Paleo Diet. For 30 days you will eliminate:
All grains, dairy, refined sugar, alcohol and legumes

This is an easy place to start and will produce the most drastic results the fastest. As Robb Wolf says “most people could live on a diet of cocaine and hookers for 30 days” (most of us have a drunk Uncle who does) so why not try living on real food for 30 days? What is the harm?

If you do not know if the food you are eating is paleo? Before you ask us let me show you how to use this great tool to help you. But in all seriousness if you have a question whether or not it is paleo friendly food, use Dr Google to diagnose then ask your Coach. The real food/Paleo approach is not a new concept and there are millions of people out there that follow it and post about it on the world wide web. The answers are out there.
So let’s all get crazy and just eat real food!


“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”
– Napoleon Hill


Part A:
4 Rounds NFT:
Back Squat 8-10 Rep @21X0
Rest 45 Seconds
Ring Rows 8-10 Reps @3111
Rest 45 Seconds
Part B:
4 Rounds of:
300m Row
10 Box Jumps
20 Pull-ups
Rest 60 Seconds 

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