Intro to Tempo Training

Program the tempo, or lifting cadence, of every exercise you perform in order to gain strength and speed. Using varied tempos is one of the best strategies you have for breaking though plateaus and getting better results in the gym. Using tempos that meet your training goals will not only make you stronger, but tempo can also be used to lose fat, gain muscle, rehabilitate injuries, and improve…  Read more

Part A

3 Rounds of:
Ring Rows 8-10 Reps
Rest 30 Seconds
Strict Pull Ups 8-10 Reps
Rest 30 Seconds
Push-ups 8-10 Reps @30X1 (What does 30X1 Mean?)

Rest 30 Seconds

Part B
Then complete as many reps and rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
15 Push-ups
25 Wall Balls

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