Workout 11.13

What is CrossFit?
The million dollar answer to what is crossfit is easy… CrossFit is functional movements, that are constantly varied and done at a high intensity. But that does not mean a whole lot to most. At Riptide CrossFit we have a philosophy in our programming and a mentality that parallels this and define CrossFit this way:

CrossFit is the ability to physically do what you want, when you want. If a friend came up to you tomorrow and asked you to run a 5k turkey trot, could you? What about hike a mountain, or ride 10 miles to the beach? We want you to say yes because you can! The staff at Riptide CrossFit will constantly challenge you to leave your comfort zone and contest what you believe is possible in yourself both physically and mentally. Inside of the gym you will have Coaches that have dedicated themselves to education; in the areas of nutrition, human movement and sport. They will design a program for you that will be varied but, also smart and meticulous in its’ approach. They will sweat with you, and challenge themselves the same as you.

The staff at Riptide CrossFit will take into account not only CrossFit competitions, but they will be able to evaluate other physical endeavors and help you reach your goals. We also realize that competition is not for everyone, and we know that competitors are the exception rather than the norm. We want to work with everyone to help them lose weight, run a 5k or just be a stay at home Mom/Dad that can pick up their children. To do this we will use the methodology talked about above, but the hard work and dedication comes down to you.

So come in work hard, and see how far you can push yourself so that if someone asks you if you want to run, hike or climb something you can say HELL YES!
We offer a free trial class at any time, so contact us at info@riptidecrossfit to schedule your new start today.

CrossFit Journal Article “What is Fitness?”

Part A Push Press

Set 1- 5 @50-60% 1RM
Set 2- 3 @65-75% 1RM
Set 3- 1 @85-95% 1RM
Set 4-5 1 @100-105% 1RM
Rest 1-2 Minutes between Sets Part B

Then Complete 3 rounds of:
Run 600m
Rest 2 Minutes between efforts

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